Thumbnail Scroller > Features

  • XML Support

    The component features XML support that allows you to update the component's data without having to republish the SWF file. For example, you could add or remove images in the Scroller just by editing the XML file.

  • Live Preview

    The Live Preview feature greatly eases the customization process by allowing you to see, at design time, how the Thumbnail Scroller component will be rendered while changing different properties in the Component Inspector.

  • Additional Data

    You have the option to specify additional data for each item, such as title, description, link, or any other data, in the XML file or by using Actionscript code.

  • Runtime Handling

    Thumbnail Scroller provides a set of methods for adding, removing or replacing items on runtime.

  • Over 50 Customizable Properties

    Over 50 properties allow you to change the component's appearance, making it fit perfectly into any project. You can customize orientation, dimension, scaling, alignment, border, preloaders, reflection and many others.

  • Multiple Content Types

    Thumbnail Scroller supports externally loaded content (JPEG, PNG, GIF, SWF) as well as library assets and DisplayObject (MovieClip, Sprite, Bitmap, etc.) instances. You can load the content through XML or Actionscript.

  • Broken URL Handling

    The component gives you the option to automatically skip all broken URL's and only load images with a valid location.

  • Auto-Scroll

    The Thumbnail Scroller component has a built-in auto-scroll feature and properties which allow you to set the delay and the direction of the scrolling.

  • Complex Navigation

    A set of methods for navigation, allowing you to scroll by a specific amount or to scroll to a specific item.

  • Mouse Scroll

    The built-in mouse scroll feature allows you to navigate based on pointer's position.

  • 5 Preloaders

    There are 5 built-in preloaders and several properties for changing the color, transparency, and size of the preloaders. Click here to see the preloaders.

  • Custom Events

    The Thumbnail Scroller component provides a built-in Event system with more than 25 custom events available.

  • 5 Effect Components

    The 5 Effect Components included allow you to change the appearance of the item when a user moves the mouse over the items or when an item is selected.

  • ScrollBar Component

    The ScrollBar component is fully skinnable. The component can easily be customized just by replacing the default skins with those built by you.