Thumbnail Scroller Component

Flash Content

Short Description

Thumbnail Scroller is a powerful, easy-to-use flash component that will help you create advanced image galleries in no time. The option to display the thumbnails in a horizontal or vertical direction is just one of the more than 50 options available to tailor any project. The Thumbnail Scroller flash component also includes another 5 Effect components that will allow you to change the appereance of the thumbnail on mouse interaction. The included Effect components are: Brightness Effect, Blur Effect, Grey Effect, Alpha Effect, Color Effect. To find more about the Thumbnail Scroller component please see the Features page or the User Guide.



  • IDE: Flash CS3/CS4/CS5
  • Language: Actionscript 3
  • Player: Flash Player 9, Flash Player 10

The component is free for both personal and commercial use, but support is not provided.