Slideshow > Features

  • XML Support

    The Slideshow component features XML support that allows you to update its data without having to republish the SWF file. For example, you could add or remove images just by editing the XML file.

  • Video Content Support

    The component allows you to load video content, including H.264 encoded videos. You can load files with the following extensions: .mp4, .mov, .m4v, .m4a, .3gp, .flv, .f4v. Click here to see an example.

  • YouTube Videos

    You can also load YouTube videos by simply specifying the ID of the video in the XML file or using Actionscript code. Click here to see an example.

  • RTMP streaming

    You can easily stream videos from an RTMP server like Flash Media Server. The advantage of using RTMP streaming is that it allows the viewer to scrub the video playback to any position without having to wait for the movie to load.

  • Customizable Video Player

    The video player's controls can easily be customized the same way you customize the Adobe components that come with the Flash IDE.

  • Auto-Slideshow

    The built-in auto-slideshow feature allow you to set the delay and the direction of the navigation (to the next slide or to the previous slide). You can turn the auto-slideshow on and off at any time. See an example here.

  • 12 Transition Effect Components

    12 transition effects (4 basic transitions and 8 advanced transitions) are available, each transition having from 4 to over 15 customizable properties.

  • Multiple Content Types

    Supports externally loaded content (JPEG, PNG, GIF, SWF) as well as library assets and DisplayObject (MovieClip, Sprite, Bitmap etc) instances. You can load content using XML or the Actionscript methods provided by the component's API.

  • Additional Data

    You have the option to specify additional data for each item, such as title, description, link, or any other data, in the XML file or by using Actionscript code. Click here to see an example.

  • Random Slide Show

    The "Randomize" property which can be easily be set using the Component Inspector or using Actionscript code allows you to open the slides in a random order.

  • Over 25 Customizable Properties

    There are over 25 customizable which allow you to control the component's appearance. You have properties to control the scaling, alignment, border style, preloaders and others.

  • Runtime Handling

    The Slideshow flash component provides a set of methods for adding, removing or replacing items on runtime.

  • 5 Preloaders

    There are 5 built-in preloaders and a set of properties that allows you to customize the color, transparency, and size of the preloaders. Click here to see the preloaders.

  • Custom Events

    The component also features a built-in Event system which provides more than 15 custom events available.