Lately there were some questions about the possibility of adding new elements to the XML file when working with the Slideshow or Thumbnail Scroller components. The answer is yes, you just need to parse the XML file again. Two weeks ago I made a tutorial on how you can add new elements to the Thumbnail Scroller component. It’s pretty easy to do it, once you know how to work with XML in AS3. Lee Brimelow has made a new video tutorial on the basics of working with XML in AS3, so if you’re a beginner in AS3 you want to see that tutorial.

I’ve made a new image gallery example in which I add a title and a description for each image. This image gallery has 2 XML files: one contains the path to the thumbnails and the other contains the path to the large images, the title and the description. You just read the title and the description from the XML file and save the data into an Array and every time you load a new image, you use the array element that has the index equal to the image’s id. It’s pretty easy. You can download the source files here.


As of 11 March 2009, support is no longer provided for the free components. If you need support, please purchase the commercial version of the components.