Any of the flash components available at gives you the possibility to create a custom preloader or a temporary clip, to be more precise. The temporary clip will act as a re-placer for the content of the item until the content is completely loaded. By default, a simple temporary clip is created for you with a specified color and transparency and there are also 5 built-in preloaders from which you can chose, but there are times when you want something more suited for your project. In those cases you can create a movie clip and simply tell the component to use that movie clip as a temporary clip.

Below you can see an example where I used a simple movie clip with a rotating star(the animation is created with frames). After creating the movie clip you need to associate it a class (Right-click on the library symbol -> Linkage), TempClip for example, and then pass the name of the class to the component’s temporaryClipReference property (myInstance.temporaryClipReference = TempClip).

Here’s the example: