ThumbnailScroller Component AS3 is a free flash component that helps you create very nice image galleries, especially when used together with Slideshow Component. The component reads the path to each image from an XML file. You can load JPEG, PNG , GIF and SWF files.

The component is very easy to work with. It has 29 customizable properties(thumbWidth, thumbHeight, direction, scaleMode, alignType, setBorder, preloaderType etc), allowing you to easily use it in your own applications. For a more detailed description see the component’s documentation. If you want to see this component in action, take a look at the preview.

I hope you will enjoy using this component. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Authoring: Flash CS3
Actionscript: Actionscript 3 (Actionscript 2 version available here)
Player: Flash Player 9

Download ThumbnailScroller Component AS3

Documentation for this component is available here.