Discover some of the best Flash Components available

What makes FlashOtaku components high quality

  • Ease of customization

    Our flash components have a Live Preview and a Component Inspector interface that makes them very easy to customize even by Flash beginners.

  • Rich API

    All the available flash extensions have a full featured API that will enable you to create applications that otherwise might require advanced programming skills.

  • Continuous improvement

    We continuously create new features and optimize the flash components, providing upgrades free of charge.

  • Ease of use

    Our components can easily be integrated in any type project. You can get started using a component with a simple drag and drop.

  • Free support

    We provide a detailed description, several sample files and, if needed, assistance for integrating the flash components into your project.

  • Unlimited use

    You can use a purchased component for an unlimited number of personal and/or commercial projects.

stackflow component
carousel component
flash grid 3d component
flash slideshow component
flash thumbnail grid component
flash thumbnail scroller component
scrollbar component